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Seeker by Arwen Elys Dayton Summary:
20911450   Seeker is told from the perspectives of Quin, Shinobu, John, and Maud. Quin and Shinobu are kissing cousins and have been brought up on an estate in Scotland where they have trained since the age of eight to be Seekers like their fathers. John lost his mother at a young age and is struggling to keep his last promise to her. To do that he must become a Seeker. Problem is that training on the estate is proving difficult because Quin’s father hates him with a passion. Maud is the Young Dread. It’s her job to make sure that the seekers are doing their jobs right and that everything they do is just, but she struggles to see how to do that when Middle Dread is so set on breaking all of the rules. For these four teens everything changes the night that John, Quin, and Shinobu finish their training.

This book is truly hard to review without spoilers, but that’s just because I want to gush about all of the things I loved. I’ll try very hard to keep myself controlled.
When John and Quin’s romance was mentioned in the first few pages along with Shinobu being secretly in love with his (distant) cousin I was afraid that this was going to be just another corny teen romance with almost no plot behind it. I am glad to say that I was completely wrong. Instead this is a story with a great plot and a little romance that supports and furthers the plot and character motivations.
In the beginning I thought I knew how the character’s were going to play out. Who the bad guys were, who the good guys were, and obviously who was going to win, but I was kept guessing the whole time. There are degrees of villainy here. Those who let themselves be forced into doing something awful, those who tell themselves they have no choice, and those who know they are doing wrong but don’t care.
I will say that I am a little tired of the two boys in love with the same girl trope. Even though this one is well done and defied what I thought would happen when I started reading it I groaned inwardly. All I could think was “not another love triangle.” I am just dying for a teen novel where a heroine isn’t in love with anybody, doesn’t fall in love with anybody, and is still all around completely badass. Or a lesbian. Just something new.
I am also a little unclear on what exactly a seeker was before they became hit men and whether there are more out there who are something different or if Quin, John and Shinobu are the last ones. The world is also a little fuzzy around the edges. Is this a steam punk world or a futuristic world or both? I’m not going to get too bent out of shape about this though. There’s at least one more book where things can be cleared up and the story very much kept my mind from focusing on these faults.
That being said, I cannot wait for the next book which is expected to come out in 2016. The ending was phenomenal and the cliff-hangers are killing me. I want to say more on the ending but I don’t want to give anything away. Go read it!

If you read this, please let me know your thoughts! I love talking about books, but I love discussions on books even more.

My rating: 4.5 out of 5 quills.