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cover49017-mediumSummary: Ava and Lexi are twins but when they were little and in trouble it wasn’t them it who did it. It was their made up triplet, Alicia. Well as teens they revive Alicia as a way to date boys they don’t want to be serious about. Ava is a full time party girl who pretends to be Alicia frequently. Lexi is determined to get into Stanford, but every once in awhile it’s nice to have some carefree fun. It might be a little underhanded but it works. Until one of Alicia’s dates is murdered the day after Lexi barely escapes his unwanted advances. And he’s just the first. All signs point to Alicia, but Alicia isn’t real. Right?

Review:I am conflicted about this story. I finished in a day. I couldn’t put it down. At the same time I didn’t really like any of the characters except Zane. Ava is shallow and just… not someone I would want to know. Lexi is supposed to be smart enough to have hopes of getting into Stanford but around every turn she makes the absolute worse decision. Over and over. I am extremely tired of supposedly smart characters who continually make extremely stupid decisions. If you’re going to have a smart character making bad decisions show that they either have no other choice or the other options are worse. Of course, I could be completely over-critical of her because we share a name. The story was intriguing if oddly paced. It seems like the mystery was only really the focus of the story really late into the story. Before the second murder it seems like the story is more about the stress of getting into Stanford and the possibility of falling for the “wrong” kind of guy. Although I will say that the author knew the girls were being shallow and never tries to paint it as anything other than that. The twins are just varying degrees of shallow. Once the book actually began to focus on who is killing these boys and who is framing Alicia the mystery was excellent. A few of the twists were extremely easy to predict. But I will say that I didn’t guess the killer. Rating. 3.5 quills out of 5. The story was good and I didn’t guess who the killer was. But on the other hand, I only liked one character out of the whole book.