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WARNING! Spoilers!
This is the third book in the series so I will not be avoiding spoilers for the first and second books in this post. You can find the review for the first book here and the second book here.

c0894e_e96930d93c924f4ab6c2f4a4f97d1451.jpg_srz_p_228_323_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzSummary: Cass and Silver are back on Earth. They meet Reb and Ray for the first time in person and try to catch up with everyone. Some things are better than when they left and some things are decidedly worse. Between Kara, Cora Harris, and Shiva they have their hands full.
Review: I adore Rebecca and Ray! On top of being just adorable and mischievous, which is a wonderful combination, but they also mellow out Gerome. I think they were needed to balance out the family dynamics and bring out a little bit of comic relief. But another set of twins makes me wonder if twins just occur more naturally in Weaver families. I’d say it was just Cass and Silver’s family, but Malcolm and Melody are twins too.
I am so glad that the twins are back on Earth! I missed Malcolm and Maggie. I also really missed Kara, though she changed a lot in her absence. Given her circumstances it’s completely understandable. But now I feel like I will miss Lil and Ela. Not so much Fid Tal. I am a little curious what happened to Nyt after her attempted coup.
This part of the Cass and Silver’s story doesn’t give you a chance to breathe. It’s one near death event after the next. I wouldn’t start reading it unless you have time to finish it because you won’t want to put it down.
Rating: 5 out of 5 quills…cause who needs stars?

Also the interview with Vaun Murphrey will be up tomorrow! I’m so excited! It was so much fun to talk with her!