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23316882   Charlie, Presumed Dead is about two girls who meet at their boyfriend’s funeral after his plane explodes. Lena had been with Charlie for three years and Aubrey for one year. Now they’re trying to deal with their grief and anger and each other as they look for their dearly departed. Lena doesn’t believe he’s dead and Aubrey just needs to know for certain. Both girls have secrets and both hold keys to finding out what really happened to him.
When I requested this book off of Net Galley I was really afraid it was going to read like a teenage soap opera. One man, two girlfriends; he dies, but probably not. Luckily, this year I promised myself that I would try to read some books that usually I would pass by. In some ways, it was exactly what I expected. The two girls start out comparing themselves to each other. I was super glad they never really seemed to blame each other for their boyfriend’s infidelity.
I switched which girl I liked at first. First I liked Aubrey because she just seemed all around nicer. Then I liked Lena because she was more honest. In the end I loved them both even though the ending still drives me a bit mad, it was brilliant. Because of it I will be thinking about this book whenever I have time to let my mind wander for a while.

I know this review is extremely short, but I’ve re-written it about 6 times now. Each time I felt like I was spoiling the story and I really couldn’t stand that. This is most definitely one story where not even the character development should be spoiled. It all adds to the suspense.

I give this book 4.5 quills. While the ending will have me thinking about this book for a long time, it also left me wanting just a bit more closure. Or a sequel.