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22609208Liz Drake has been having dreams that make her worry about her best friend, Blake, or maybe it’s that she hasn’t heard from him in months. She heads to Vancouver, only to find Blake in a coma and his lover dead. Trying to find out what happened leads her into a world that she couldn’t have imagined.

Dreams of Shreds and Tatters by Amanda Downum took me a while to finish. Some parts of the story I couldn’t put down but between those parts I had to fight to stay interested. I think most of my problem was that I found the secondary characters like Blake and Lailah much more interesting than Liz, the main character. She had potential in the first couple chapters, but I feel like she fell short. Unfortunately, Blake and Lailah weren’t in the story enough to make up for the lackluster heroine.

The things I did like were that Blake’s relationship with Alain was normal. It wasn’t a huge deal that they were gay. They just were. I also liked the allusions to Greek mythology.

Rating: 3.5 stars. I probably won’t read it again. I also probably won’t recommend it to anyone, but it was an okay story.