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cover62383-medium“The four of you have been blessed with a great gift. Well, it’s a gift for you, but a curse for someone else.”

Harley receives a mysterious gift on her sixteenth birthday–a shadow box. The box gives her the power to trade someone to the shadows, meaning they will disappear and cease to exist. Harley can’t imagine doing such a horrible thing and is warned that using the box comes at a price. Unfortunately, not using the box can be even more costly. Harley must make this life-altering decision as she discovers frightening revelations about the town she calls home.

Okay. So by the end of the story I was definitely into it, but it took me a while to get there. I definitely plan on reading the rest of the series.

That being said part of what makes this book is so good is that I have extremely mixed feelings about the characters. The main character Harley seems like she would be a truely badass character and that’s how she portrays herself to fellow students. Then you find out that she’s being abused by her boyfriend. It makes her real. Her family life is a little surreal though.

Teaghan is a character I truly liked at first and am still on the fence about now. She is a victim of the typical high school bullies. I love how the author didn’t go the way I expected with this character at all.

It’s interesting because I requested this book from netgalley because of my curiousity of what plot was about but in the end I’m going to keep reading because I want to see how the how the characters grow.

Rating: 4 out of 5 quills.