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20897649Spoiler Alert! This is the sequel to The Vanishing Girl which I did a review of yesterday.


Blurb: When eighteen-year-old teleporter Ember Pierce wakes up in a Los Angeles hospital, she remembers only the basics: she’s been trained by the government as a spy, she’s sent on dangerous missions, and her last assignment—the one that landed her in the hospital—was a setup.
Caden Hawthorne has spent the past ten months of his life grieving Ember’s death. So when she shows up in his room like an apparition, he can’t believe his eyes. But this Ember is different. Her hair is longer, her skin is paler, her gaze is haunted. She tells him what he’s already begun to suspect: someone he trusted betrayed her.
Now, uncertain who is friend and who is foe, Ember and Caden face the toughest mission of their lives—to stay together and survive, as they run from danger toward an unknown future.
Review: This book was much better than the first. The infuriating attraction to Caden became more understandable as his personality shone through in this one. His willingness to follow Ember to the ends of the world and put his trust in her is endearing. Even more endearing is that they aren’t a perfect couple by any means. Caden struggles with trusting Ember’s judgement in Aiden and with jealousy that Ember teleports to him frequently. Ember struggles with Caden’s attachment to Dane Richards and Desiree.
The storyline also had more purpose. The only thing I could have done without is all of the sex. I get that the book is New Adult but the sex scenes were numerous and unnecessary. Once I got over that the story captivated me far more than the first. I couldn’t put it down (until my kindle went and died on me).
My only real complaint is that although we got to know Caden and Ember much better we didn’t really get to know anyone else better. You could maybe say we get to know Aidrian better but that’s not true until the very end.
Rating: 4 out of 5 quills