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25543925This book was provided to me by Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.

Snakewood is about a band of mercenaries known as Kailen’s Twenty. They never failed. They never betrayed a purse. They were the top of their game until they disbanded. Now, two decades later, there’s a bounty out on their heads and they’re being killed off one by one.

The premise of the book was fascinating and every few chapters I would get into the story. Then the next section of the book would be written like a court document or from an illiterate narrator’s point of view.

I struggled to finish this book and I can’t say that it was worth it. This could simply be my personal tastes, but I don’t think so. If this author were to rewrite the story from a 3rd person point of view I wouldn’t hesitate to re-read it. The world was colorful and the characters were diverse, but some parts read like research and other parts were just… intolerable.

I spent weeks forcing myself to read this one book when usually I’m through a book in a day or two at most.

Rating: 1 out of 5 quills