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Many years ago Alice Liddell found herself falling down the rabbit hole into Wonderland. Years later her adventures continue affecting her family lineage. The female descendants of Alice find themselves being able to hear and talk to bugs and flowers around them, with the reality of Wonderland lurking in their dreams. Alyssa Gardner finds herself trying to maintain her sanity while finishing high school, while coping with her mother being institutionalized because of the same things Alyssa is experiencing.

Soon Alyssa finds herself face to face with a childhood friend from her dreams beckoning her to come to Wonderland. It doesn’t take long before she is tumbling down the rabbit hole to the reality of what Wonderland really is. Lewis Carrol’s rendition of Alice’s adventures have done little to prepare Alyssa for what awaits. When Jeb, Alyssa’s life-long crush tumbles in after her, he is faced with a rivalry from Alyssa’s childhood dream friend, Morpheus. As the two fight for her affection, a piece of Alyssa begins to awaken that only Morpheus can help her embrace. Though Alyssa soon finds that Morpheus has his own agenda that leads her into the heart of Wonderland.

Overall I enjoyed this book, I felt that the author made wonderful parallels to the original story of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The author added to Wonderland in a way that was both dark and beautiful, and had me wanting to explore more of her new creation.

I soon found myself being completely team Morpheus as the love triangle broke out. I found Jeb to be rather annoying as he was overly protective and treated Alyssa as though she was incapable of making any decisions on her own. Morpheus, on the other hand, pushes her to embrace her true self. I felt Jeb was unnecessary other than the love triangle, and I lacked understanding in how most of his actions could be “endearing”, when I felt they were just controlling.

I LOVED the new characters that were introduced in wonderland and want so much more of their back stories. Also the version of the Mad Hatter that A. G. Howard fabricated was borderline genius, and the vision she created was well done. The ending of the book had me wanting to read the next book I am excited to learn more about my favorite character Morpheus.

Rating: 4 out of 5 quills.