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I’m doing book tags now? Yes, yes I am. Why? Cause they seem like buckets of fun. Obviously. I’m not going to lie. I changed the rules for this book tag just a little. I’ll explain why in a second.

I found this particular book tag at Dreamland and Books Blog. The instructions she gave and followed were:

  1. Pick 5 books.
  2. Turn to a random page in each book.
  3. The first name you see gets to be on your zombie survival team.
  4. Apply the names to the 10 situations in the order you picked them.
  5. Fret over how doomed you are.

I assumed you would just end up picking two names from each book to fill out the 10 situations. After reading her blog and laughing at some of her picks I was ready to do this. Only one problem. I know myself too well. I knew that because I knew what order the situations were in I would try to pick books to fit the situations. (Like a high ratio of characters I don’t like or don’t care about for certain situations.) So here’s how I changed this tag to keep myself on my toes:

  1. I picked 10 books that I had either read recently or multiple times so that the characters were ones I knew well or remembered still.
  2. Then I folded up and cut a piece of paper into 10 sections (…only I messed up and made 12 sections…we’ll get to this in a second.)
  3. I  wrote the numbers and situations on each slip of paper. (This is when I discovered I had two extra slips of paper.) I folded them in half, put them in a bag and then mixed them up. It bothered me that I had two slips of paper left so I made two more situations that run rampant in zombie movies and books, folded them up and mixed them in with the rest.
  4. I opened a book to a random page, found the first name and then picked a situation to go with the name and filled it out on the slip. I took a picture of the slip and the book just in case I lost them at some point I would still be able to do this blog.
  5. After the first 10 slips were filled out I took out the last two, put the rest back in the bag, chose one situation and used the book that I had used for one of the last two situations.

Now….Lets get into my team.

1. The First Person to Die is….. Marlene from I Hunt Killers


My Reaction:


This is the king of all mehs. This is not a main character. It’s not even a secondary character. I’m pretty sure this is the only instance she’s even mentioned in this book. I have to say that if I watch her die, it might be traumatic, but if she just disappears (as the first to die are so likely to do…so the rest of the group is unsure of what’s going on) I’m probably just going to keep on keeping on and be secretly glad there’s one less person to share food with. Does this make me a horrible person? Probably. (Just kidding. I’d probably cry. Cause I’m a softie.)

2. The Person I Trip to Get Away From Zombies is …. Reagan from Fangirl




No! I love Reagan! It had to have been an accident…or pure mind-numbing panic. I would never consciously decide to trip you. You’re like the best kind of sarcastic and bitchy mother hen. You would have kept the group in line and told it like it is.  Poor Reagan. You’re death or near death will give me nightmares.


3.The First Person to Turn is…. Aeudan from Truthwitch



Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Damn. He may not have been the best team mate in the world, being a jerky bloodwitch assassin and all. But that is much preferable to a bloodwitch zombie with the body memory of an assassin. This is just no bueno. I say we decapitate him (and the zombie that bit him because it is obviously some kind of ninja zombie), suture his mouth shut, and then burn his body and the zombie who killed him.

4. The Person Who Trips Me to Get Away from Zombies is… Zero from The Passage.




In case you haven’t read The Passage I’m not going  to reveal much about this character. It would take away from the story and even the zombie apocalypse can’t make me. So all I can say about this is that the only thing surprising about this is that Zero is going to let the Zombies kill me instead of doing it himself.

5. The Idiot of the Team is… Arya Stark from The Game of Thrones




I guess…I mean if she’s our idiot then we can’t be too bad off right? One, she’s super young so she’ll hopefully live long enough to learn. Two, out of the whole Stark gang — Jon Snow excluded from consideration– she’s the one I’d pick to have on my team. Some people might say I should pick Rob, but he’s basically a non-character.

6. The Brains of the Team is… Theo Jackson from The Passage.




Okay then. He’s not a pick from the bottom of the barrel, he’s upper-middle barrel. He’s smart and not a complete coward, but he’s not going to go out of his way to come up with any brillant ideas unless he has to. He’s the type of guy who might be the smartest but would gladly let the second smartest take charge of any given task.

7.The Team’s Medic is…Norman Smith/Vincent Graves from Grave Beginnings.



K…so.. I guess it depends on if one of Vincent’s past reincarnations was a doctor. I mean he definitely has a firm handle on all things paranormal and supernatural, so that’s a point in his favor. But generally he hunts and kills thing. Good for his health, but not so sure about ours.

8. The Weapon’s Expert is… Haymitch from The Hunger Games



I love Haymitch. Sure we’ll be killing zombies with liquor bottles but it’ll be fun.

9. The Brawler of our Group is … Tobias/Four from Allegiant.



Note to Self: Do not piss off Four. I mean…talk about deadly. But when we run into other groups of humans unexpectedly he’ll be nice to have around. Plus his movie version was very nice to look at.

10. The Team Captain is… Gale from The Hunger Games


I mean…he’s Gale, good looking and a hell of a strategist. Enough said. He’d be worthy of the Rick Grimes position.

11. The Unlucky One Who Always Seems to be in the Wrong Place, but still manages to survive long enough to get saved is…. Lady Lavinia from Emerald Green


Really…Stop saving this bitch.

12. The Lucky One who has no helpful skill but still manages to survive is…Flicker from Zeroes.


Seriously? I guess being a blind girl who can see through the eyes of others is only really useful if they have eyes that work. I’m not sure she’d be able to see through dead zombie eyes. I guess it’s a good thing she got this one. I call it the Always the right time and place situation.

Well, we have a decent team. I’m sad that I trip Reagan. Even this fictional tripping makes me sad.

Let me know what you think of my team!

This was really fun guys. Some made me laugh. Some made me cringe. I hope you guys will find your own team! Consider yourself tagged. Also, if you complete this book tag let me know in a comment so I can check it out!

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What book tags should we do in the future?