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About the book from Amazon.com: When the apocalypse comes knocking, don’t be afraid to slam the door in its face. Unusual storms are becoming so frequent that they no longer count as unusual. James Black, a young man living in the Midwest, watches as the storms grow to titanic proportions and evacuations begin. Every city within hundreds of miles starts to flood and the real fight for survival begins. Panic becomes widespread, the government loses its grip, and the evacuations are called off. Individuals who are desperate to control their own fate begin to emerge and the scavengers are born. The remaining populace becomes a danger to itself as the last bits of law and order are stripped away. James does what any strong, intelligent, and unattached man would do…. He hides. The road to safety is treacherous at best, so James bides his time while planning for the future. All of his plans blow up in his face when he helps a young woman named Emma. She changes everything. The world may never again be the place that it once was, but people will never change. The good, the bad, and the somewhere in between will always be a factor. James learns about himself, and the people around him, while discovering what it truly takes to survive.

The book was very entertaining with a witty cast of characters that keep their humor as they face world disaster. James and Emma quickly form a unique bond that continues to blossom throughout the story. I love Emma’s edge and her ability to push James outside of his already uncomfortable comfort zone. James himself is an awkward guy that you can’t help but like immediately. The thing that I love most about this book is when the main characters find themselves in the company of trained soldiers, who all quickly learn that no amount of training can save them from the wrath of people fighting for their own gain. It brings on a real sense of the chaos and the “survival of the fittest” mentality that people take on when their way of life has been threatened.

I can officially say that every time it rains this book comes to mind, and the image in my head is so vivid that I can feel my own body becoming water logged. The story flows at a nice pace up until the end. The last couple of chapters feel a little rushed though it doesn’t disappoint. It ends with an opening for a sequel that you will find yourself wanting to read. (So hurry up Lucas and get that baby published!) The book is available for order on Amazon and the digital copy is only $1.99. It is a book that is worth buying, and Mr. Grubbs is an author I feel will continue turning out impressive stories.

4 out of 5 quills