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This was scheduled to post last Friday, but for some reason none of my scheduled blog posts are actually being posted. (I suspect this has more to do with my phone where I had been scheduling drafts to post than anything about WordPress. Well… live and learn.)

R.R. Virdi

R.R. Virdi

I recently reviewed the second book in the Grave Report by R.R. Virdi (which you can find here… or the first book’s review here) and all it’s done is made me crave more. So I sent him a message and asked if he would mind doing an interview and HE SAID YES! Here’s my online interview with a really awesome author:

Bibliophile’s Delight: Let’s start off with some Grave Report related questions… Are all of Vincent’s cases going to be in NYC?

R.R. Virdi: For the main body of the series (IE. the novels), yes.

The short stories, which I do have many planned, will take place all over.

BD: Sweet. Does Graves have cases between the NYC cases (novels)?

RRV: Yes, he does; many of the short stories will cover those.

BD: I’m super excited! That leads to me to my next question… When he’s not on a case, where is he? Is he sentient between cases?

RRV: Ah. That I can’t answer. Well I can, but I won’t. Not yet. That’s going to be explained.

BD: Gasp! I am wounded… Okay. Not wounded. Impatient. I’m impatient.

RRV: Haha

BD: Church dropped a huge bomb at the end of the story and it has a lot of possible ramifications, but my first thought (as I’m sure many a fangirl has had) was “does this mean that Vincent and Camilla have a chance?” (Side note that I did not say to Mr. Virdi at the time: I’m shipping this as Vinilla)

R.R. Virdi and Jim ButcherRRV: Spoilers?! Sacre bleu! I’m not gonna tell you.
Always wanted to say that after [Jim] Butcher said it to me once at a Q&A.

BD: Rhyming Rejection? I think that hurts worse. Alright…let’s steer clear of huge spoilers…

How did you come up with the idea for Vincent Graves?

RRV: Ah. I wanted a hero that had the masked hero effect… ie. Spider-man. Batman. You know who they are…but you can imagine anyone under the mask. Even yourself. It’s a mantle of sorts.

Vincent graves has no set body. Anyone can be Vincent. He’s a hero for everyone.

…and I’m a huge urban fantasy nerd so ta-da.

BD: I like it. I could be Vincent…though I’d have to die horribly first…besides the point…

Here’s a big one, how much time and effort do you put into plotting?

RRV: Plotting?

BD: Are you a pantser?

RRV: I am. That’s not to say I don’t know what will happen. I always know the general idea for each novel. This thing dunnit. Beginning, opening lines, ending, climax, few scenes here and there. That’s natural whether you pants or plot. Your mind’s going to come up with something if you’re a writer.

Fan art of R.R. Virdi's Camilla Ortiz

Fan Art of Camilla Ortiz

BD: Since we’ve seemed to have switched gears… Let’s get into general writerly questions.

RRV: Okay!

BD: How long have you wanted to be a writer?

RRV: Since age 18, so eight years. That’s when I started. I’d like to think..I count as one now??

BD: You do, but you still want to be one…so my question is a valid one lol

What was the first thing you wrote?

RRV: A horrible piece of unfinished fantasy. Twelve chapters where I left off, 200K words. It was a monster. Both in size and writing quality.

BD: So I have heard on the not-so DL that you have another book coming out this December. What can you tell us about it?

RRV: It’s going to push the mythology and lore in my world to a new level. Flesh things out from new perspectives and show that Vincent Graves isn’t the only one dealing with the supernatural.

Church and Vincent Graves Fan Art R.R. Virdi

Church and Vincent Graves Fan Art

BD: Can you let something slip about the main character? Or maybe the blurb?

RRV: Unfortunately, at this time I can’t since its still in editing, and I’m not sure what’s going to happen with the novel completely. As it stands, there are two traditional publishing offers as well that I’ve been really lowkey on talking about because… reasons.

BD: Alright. Let’s get on to the personal.

What does the R.R. stand for?

RRV: Ronnie (my nickname I’ve gone by my whole life) and my legal name.

BD: You are a man of secrets. Share just one secret?

RRV: Which one?

BD: Which ever you think you can while still remaining a mystery man?

RRV: My middle name is Ranbir.

BD: !!! I love it!

Well, thank you for answering my questions. I can’t wait for your novel coming out in December. Anything else you would like to say?

RRV: You’re awesome.

Vincent and an Ifrit Fan Art R.R. Virdi

R.R. Virdi is a blast to talk to… even if he won’t even hint at anything spoilery, which in the long run, I’m probably grateful for. I don’t need the spoilers to keep me interested. I love his novels and will pre-order both The Books of Winter and the Grave Report book 3… as soon as they are available.

If you haven’t given R.R. Virdi’s books a try you can find them here

If you would like to find his social media… it’s here…