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Blog update:

It’s been awhile since Liza or I have posted. I decided to go back to school and it took up much more time than I was expected and Liza’s life has gotten equally busy in different ways. She approached me about getting back into the swing of things. We both love books and love to share our love of books. We want to focus more on indie or lesser known authors who deserve recognition. The industry is hard for new names or indie names. Now onto today’s book!


PS. I think I’ll post a blog on Friday to go over all of the books I read in 2016 with a sentence or two about what it’s about and whether or not I liked it.

dangerous-waysThe Blurb:

Jonathan Hawthorne has lived over a century beholden to one rule: do not meddle in mortal affairs. He’s broken it twice. So when he crosses paths with Cassidy Winters, he’s forced to interfere again.

Strike three. And the third time’s not the charm.

Hawthorne is swept along as Cassidy slips through the cracks in reality.

And being hunted by bands of monsters doesn’t help.

To find the answers they need, they’ll have to play in a dangerous world. One where the odds and rules are stacked against them. They will have to navigate magical courts, queens and lords all while trying to keep Cassidy out of their scheming hands.

If they fail, she will end up a pawn in a plot that will consume them all.

Hawthorne will have to face the consequences of his past, and risk his future to ensure Cassidy can have one of her own.

For a man with all the time in the world–it seems to be running out–fast!

My Review:

R.R. Virdi is one of my favorite Urban Fantasy authors. His Grave Report series (which I’ve reviewed here…and here) are fast paced and full of witty dialogue. I love witty dialogue. So when he announced that he had a new series coming out that existed in the same world as Vincent Graves, but was not about Vincent, I was ecstatic. And then when I found out that this series was going to be Epic Urban Fantasy I was not only ecstatic but my mind was officially blown. I bought it the day it came out and immediately set to reading it.

Let me just sum this up for you in a sentence, in case you’re in a hurry. Dangerous Ways is what you would get if Jim Butcher, Kevin Hearn, Brandon Sanderson, and Robert Jordan (Rest in Peace) could write a book together.

The story is exciting and you just keep wanting more but when you’re done you feel like you’ve been living a different life. I immediately wanted to start on the next book, but then I remembered I’d have to wait.

I want to go more in depth. I want to talk about all of the characters and the relationships, but I do firmly believe that it’s best if you read it for yourself and experience the story as it goes. I have re-written this review four or five times because I keep catching myself giving to much away. Too many character secrets or plot reveals.

If you love Urban Fantasy or Epic Fantasy, or are thinking about giving either genre a try, I cannot recommend this novel enough. You do not need to read his other series first even though they take place in the same universe.

Find it on:
R.R. Virdi’s Website